The 2023-2024 Officers for KSGE  starting January 2023 are:

Bahaaldeen Ismail, Lexington, President.

Nanlong Liu, Louisville, Secretary.

and recent Past-Presidents, since most recent update:

Endashaw Omer, Louisville, President (term January 2021-Dec 2022)

Elizabeth Holt, Lexington President (term began January  2019)

Abigail Stocker, Louisville,  (term ended January 2019)

Debra Flomenhoft, Lexington, Past-President (term Ended January 2017)

Thomas L Abell, Louisville, Past-President (term ended January 2015)

Bylaws updated in 2015 and Other Past-Presidents on file

For information contact: Endashaw Omer Representative, KSGE  via email: endoscopy@ksge.cc

or  alternative email  endashaw.omer@louisville.edu or via cell at 240-393-8865.